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Meet the Authors


Editor: Allie O’Neal spreads the GGP news all over the internet as our Social Media Editor. She is also editing our sister site I Am Your Target Market. She writes news, reviews and other geek topics. When she’s not encouraging everyone to get their geek on, she’s reading, crocheting, or gaming. She loves to meet other geeks on Twitter: @GirlGeekAllie

Correspondent/Editor: Jedi Jondee (Kyle):  I was a cast member for five years at the Tahitian Terrace and Aladdin’s Oasis. I love all things Disney!  I’m a Oncer and a true Star Warrior (fan of Star Wars).  I’ve attended the first Star Wars Celebration (which we call MudCon) and several since including 2015 Anaheim.  We gasped and lost our minds when BB-8 rolled on stage!  I took the Jedi Fighting Master Class with Nick Gillard.  I wear my Browncoat proudly and I’m slowly filling my Firefly book with all of the cast signatures.  This is like another quest I have to fill my Lord of the Rings book, now with five of the Fellowship and Peter Jackson.  I’m also a tremendous fan of all things Laika.  I’m an English major and traveled to the UK including Stratford-upon-Avon, Edinburgh is my favorite city of the world, London second, and also Ireland, Newgrange was stunning, older than the Great Pyramids!  I’m a steady reader, Game of Thrones, saw George R.R. Martin, and love LoTR really from early D&D gaming.  Also, I’m a long time comic book reader (when comics were .25 cents!), favorite titles are Big Hero 6, Afterlife with Archie, and Y the Last Man. I love TV, favorite shows: The IT Crowd, Riverdale,  and Stranger Things.  I’ve been going to comic cons since I was a kid, got to Comic Con in the 90’s, and really crossed the country; New York, New Orleans, Indiana, and San Francisco. “Would You Like to Know More?”  

Senior Correspondent/ Food editor: Rebecca Miller  is a published author who has been a fan of sci-fi since her mother got her to watch Star Trek with her when she was five, which is about the same time her older brothers introduced her to Hammer films. Just a couple years later, her oldest brother introduced her to Doctor Who.

She is also an award winning cosplayer, who was featured in an article about her full reproduction Jedi costume on Steampunk, with its fabric and gears, is one of her fascinations.Though, an avid yarn addict, she will whip out her 14 foot Doctor Who scarf on occasion!

Rebecca loves trying out new recipes and putting new spins on old favorites. She has also been known to poke her cooks with marshmallow sticks to get them to post their recipes on time!

Knives aren’t the only sharp things Rebecca likes. She was up to, but didn’t test for her black belt in the ancient samurai art of Iaido. Needless to say, several of the other Geek Girls have decided to beat it to her place in case of a zombie apocalypse! You can follow her on Twitter or email her:

Games Editor: Always the outcast when she was younger, KristaG is a punk rock loving goth girl with a knack and passion for gaming, web design and cooking/baking. She, like many others, began with the most basic of mass marketed board and card games as a child and has since branched out into the realm of tabletop wargamming, Ameritrash, and Euro style board games. Some of her favorite games include Mice and Mystics, Guilds of Cadwallon, Super Dungeon Explore, Sentinals of the Multiverse, Malifaux, Dungeon Roll, Warhammer 40k, Star Realms, Magic the Gathering, and X-Wing: Miniatures Game. This love of gaming mixed with her degree in media has lead Krista to the GeekGirlProject where she writes game reviews and geeky gift guides.

Outside of her usual geek-ery and working in a restaurant, Krista enjoys fire spinning, creating stained glass pieces (nerdy and non), belly dancing, and training in Kung-Fu. She currently resides in Northern California with her favorite Malifaux Henchman and their lizard. You can contact her with questions, game suggestions, or just to say hello at

Correspondent: Karen has a part-time office job to pay the bills, but she’s also a published writer, with science-fiction short stories published in anthologies by FictionBrigade, Zharmae Publishing, Audio Arcadia, Luna Station Publishing and Horrified Press.

Karen’s geekdom started at an early age with the various Gerry Anderson shows in the 1960s. She soon progressed to ‘Dr Who’ and ‘Star Trek’. Science fiction and fantasy has been her genre of choice ever since – via TV, films, audio and books – though she’s also interested in British history and classic movies. You can find out more at her website, or follow her on twitter @McKaren_Writer.

Correspondent: Dawn Bourn: While Dawn currently works as an Office Admin she used to work as an Event Planner and Professional Organizer when she got her start helping to run conventions in Halifax.  She has been an avid role-player both in the online community and table top for many years, loves nearly all things Comic Book related, Star Trek, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, Harry Potter, and TARDIS Blue.

Dawn is also an excellent cook and loves to test out new recipes.  She had to learn how to make healthy meals due to food allergies but healthy doesn’t mean bland and she aims to teach people the value of a home cooked meal.

Correspondent: Jennifer Redelle Carey has been fascinated with stories of the fantastic for as long as she can remember. She grew up on a healthy diet of comic books—her father having been a co-owner of a comic book store before she was born—and science fiction novels. Through all of this reading, Jennifer developed a unique perspective of the world, seeing the world as a place filled with joy and magic. Jennifer is always looking for something special, a little unusual, in her experiences and journeys–and she always finds it.

Six fun facts about Jennifer:

1. She has an IMDB page with nothing on it (she was a wench in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest).
2. She has celebrity radar–which works phenomenally at conventions and events.
3. Every November, you can find Jennifer being the Municipal Liaison for the Pomona Valley NaNoWriMo Region, which she herself created.
4. Jennifer tends to get obsessed over fictional characters. Favorites include (in order of her fandoms): Kitty Pryde, Pete Wisdom, Methos, Marcus Cole, Remus Lupin, Doctor Daniel Jackson, Captain Jack Harkness, the Petrelli brothers, Rory Williams, and Lincoln Lee.
5. Jennifer loves to travel. Her favorite place to visit is Vancouver, BC.
6. One day she will write a book about fandom, philosophy, and life.

You can find Jennifer on Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Creative Director: Jonelle Davila co-founded The Geek Girl Project with her husband, Topher Davila, and they are launching a sister site, I Am Your Target Market. She is the Creative Director for The Geek Girl Project, I Am Your Target Market, and GeekdomWear.

Jonelle has been a geek from birth, growing up with sci-fi and fantasy from before she could read. Early on, she picked up the family tradition of being a fan of comic strips, especially Peanuts. She loves Star Wars, really enjoys behind-the-scenes specials (doesn’t everybody?), and is always one of the last people to leave a Marvel movie. With the influence of the older generation of Geek Girls, she started attending Star Trek conventions and reading J.R.R. Tolkien from a young age. Music and Drama were a big part of her childhood, and she hopes to use her background in drama to launch a Geek Girl web series, We’re Always Like This. She has always loved to doodle, but has a real passion for photography.
Contributing Writer: Emma Goodrich As the child of parents with interests in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Emma Goodrich grew up on TNG, Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Laura Bow, and playing Carmen Sandiego.  She met her husband playing World of Warcraft and continues to play MMORPG’s and other PC games with the occasional weekend tabletop on the side.  When she’s not nerding out she loves to bake and enjoys contributing to our Healthy Geek column.

Contributing Writer: Nicole Ciacchella suffers  from multiple genre writing syndrome. Unable to settle on one, she’s the author of everything from young adult post-apocalyptic and  dystopian fiction to contemporary women’s fiction to fairy tale reboots. Nicole has  always enjoyed living in her head, reveling in her own fictional  universes.

In addition to writing, Nicole is a lifelong bookworm who loves  nothing more than to brew a cup of coffee or tea, then fall into a  book, emerging hours later, disoriented and vaguely hungry. When she’s  not reading, she has to be pried away from her computer as she’s never  met an excellent CRPG she doesn’t like. She’s also a fan of high concept  television shows such as Orphan Black. You can like Nicole on Facebook (, read sneak peeks of her novels on her website (, or follow her on Twitter @NCiacchella.

Contributing Writer: Arwen Spicer was born the year Starsky and Hutch first aired, in the state where Starsky and Hutch is set. After more than quarter of a century there, she migrated one state north much like Ursula Le Guin. She has a PhD in English: “practicality is not my middle name.”

She adds, “My greatest literary influences are Le Guin, who is unparalleled in sociological science fiction; Dostoevsky, unparalleled in his ability to write human beings; and Tolkien, to whom I owe my name. He taught me to love the universe I create and create it all my life as richly as I can.”

Contributing Writer: Jessica Greenlee blogs about books,gardening, bugs, and whatever else catches her attention over at and has just started Tweeting as @Bkwyrme.

Contributing Writer: Cat Smith: Cat is a voice actor and radio host in Northern, CA. She is a fan of all things pop culture. On her radio show, Hollywood & West Napa St (on Sun FM 91.3 KSVY Sonoma) she takes you behind the scenes with movie news, author interviews, new music and more. She hopes to bring that to Geek Girls here as well! Follow this “Geek Girl” for interviews with every walk of entertainment life.

Contributing Writer: K. L. Zolnoski is an author and Kaiju fan who enjoys science fiction and is a slave to coffee. She prefers her science fiction unadulterated by fantasy but is ok with fantasy mixed with a little science fiction. Her favorite authors are Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey and John Nance. Her favorite movie is Godzilla: Final Wars. Her favorite Star Trek Movie is Origins which just edged out The Voyage Home. Her favorite anime is still Gatcheman although The Vision of Escaflowne was pretty good, as was Princess Mononoke. Also If you ask she will say that Disneyland is, in fact, the happiest place on Earth.

Her book In The Flesh is available for the kindle and droid and soon to be on iTunes for the iPad and other iDevices. It is a post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure in the old style of science fiction writing. You can follow her on Facebook at Or on her blog at

Contributing Writer: Jeremy Webster has been a freelance film critic specializing in horror, genre, and cult film since the early 2000’s. After starting out with Wichita’s alternate newspapers F5 and Wichita City Paper, he served as contributor and editor-in-chief of the podcast Nightmarevue for over a year and has recently written for Fangoria and



Contributing Writer: Katrina Keller: started her lifelong obsession with geekdom at an early age while playing video games with her brother. From that first NES console, a profound love for gaming and soon every other facet of geek life was born. She can often be found telling complete strangers why their zombie apocalypse plans would have them shuffling around and moaning “BRAAAIINS” inside ten minutes.

Contributing Writer: Crystal Claussen: Now this is the story all about how
I nerd girl’d, geeked out, tattoo’d out
And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I decided web journalism was my game
In Long Beach, California born and raised
On the Sega Genesis is where I spent most of my days
Star Trek, D&D, watching Doctor Who
Spending time with Playstation, Nintendo, X-Box, too
When high school was done, now what do I do?
I went to college, got a job, bought a DS, movies too
Then I finally graduated, and decided to try
Working my way up with Direct2Drive’s customer side
I made some connections and decided to see
If maybe online journalism was the career for me
Moving on professionally, I needed a site
Game Informer, IGN…  but where do I start?
I skimmed through the web, until I could find
Somewhere I feel like I could identify
Looked at Geek Girl Project, I was finally here!
I now sit at home, with my freelance career

Contributing Writer: Stephanie Hayslip: has been a freelance writer for 10 years, dabbling in everything from science fiction, to fantasy, to horror and romance.  The first song she could recognize as a toddler was “Ghostbusters,” (In two notes, no less,) and could apply Vulcan ears and Bajoran noses by the age of 9, when she joined her first Star Trek club.  There were only 3 people in it, as it was before the internet, but she persevered. She has a strong penchant for the supernatural, where Spike is the ruler and all must fall behind.  Yes, Buffy is her drug of choice but all things Whedon also rule her world, along with “Star Trek,” “Sherlock,” “Doctor Who,” “Supernatural” and every horror movie from the good to the hysterical, “Harry Potter,” Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and IDW. There’s also some movies with a little green dyslexic and a beeping trash can, but she can’t remember the name of them. She is currently on tour with the musical Sister Act.

Contributing Writer: HanaLena Fennel: was born on a goat farm to a Jewish hippy. After that, things got weird. She believes in the power of true geekery, loving scifi, fantasy, horror, comics and gaming without irony. Show me your geekery and I’ll show you mine.

Contributing Writer: Victoria Irwin: was originally named after both the former Queen of England and one of the main characters from Darkshadows. You can follow her insanely geeky exploits on Twitter @VicSplintersRG.

Contributing Writer: Nicole Paoli is a part time student and full time nerd with a passion for video games, comic books, and food. She’s working on becoming a full-fledged author and poet, and is enjoying life in the meantime. She can be found on tumblr at