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A site by, for, and about Geek Girls!

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Are you interested in joining The Geek Girl Project? We’d love to have you. As our site grows, we’ll need more writers and other staff, so there might be a job for you.

First of all, these are volunteer/internship style jobs; none of them are paid. There are certainly perks (to be discussed below), but since the positions are not paid, they do not require specific amounts of time. What we have is a series of tasks that could be done by, for example only five people donating X hours per week or X people donating five hours per week. The Geek Girl Project will work with the amount of time those interested are willing to donate. If a set time is needed to start, we would say we would like probably a minimum of two hours per week.


Join The Geek Girl Project Team

Site owners Jonelle and Topher Davila at San Diego Comic Con 2013

While unpaid, the positions can garner credit and experience and can be validly used for everything from resumes to getting press credentials to being used as jobs for Linked In. Even the managing editors are not paid, but their positions are listed on their LinkedIn page and resume. As far as we’re concerned, if anyone asks us, this is a real job. We really do hate the idea of asking anyone (especially in a creative field) to work for free because you will spend your valuable time doing what you sign up for, but these positions are some combination of resume builder, love for being a geek (girl) and contributing to our cause of a website by, for and about geek girls. Jonelle & Topher Davila (website creators) wish we could pay, but blogging is mostly a non-money business model. This site is something people do for the perks and freebies—such as free books and event passes—and to give them a larger platform to write about what they love.

What can be said is that The Geek Girl Project is apply named. It is intended to be a tool to build and connect a community of geek women with the website as the hub and central place to connect. The blogging is all it looks like now, but it is in fact eventually going to be a cornerstone of the website upon which we will build a lot of multimedia projects including online shows, connecting events across the country and much more. All this is based on the concept that the geek girl is the most under exposed and most misunderstood of all the kinds of geeks. While geek culture is incorrectly portrayed in popular media, IF a female geek shows up, she tends to be woefully misrepresented. This website’s entire point is to promote and correctly show the geek girl. The Geek Girl Project is envisioned to be more than a blog or website, but that is where it needs to start to become more. Thus while we realize we cannot pay for writers, we hope that the unique sorority angle and being able to contribute to that will make your donated time worthwhile.

The website is:

If you want to see some of our video interviews at various Wondercon and San Diego Comic Con, see the link below:

Even though the writing is unpaid and the time spent is flexible, it is important that people see this as a job since the responsibilities are vital to the site. If someone only has two hours a week to give, we will happily take it, BUT they have to make sure they can donate that time each week. This being the most important thing to the co-owners, we will not keep people who can’t follow through on what they say they can do.

Now that the scary talk is done, we can say that this is all kinds of fun. It really is. We have a site that writers love, a unique niche that it speaks for, a sense of camaraderie among the staff, and a practically endless supply of free comics and novels. With what we have planned in the future from sitcoms to DIY to community building, writing for The Geek Girl Project will be a worthwhile, fun and very fruitful way to both contribute to something and get writing credit.


While the main staff are in the Orange County area, being local is not required on any level if the person can communicate via Facebook, Skype, and email responsibly. In fact, because of later plans of using the website as a central hub, we would love people from as many places as possible.

For coverage of the LA events and southern California conventions, those people would have to be local, though. (As Southern California is a bees’ nest of media activities of all kinds, there is a lot of opportunity to cover events, and in some cases being part of this blog site can facilitate access to those events.)

Ingredients to keep in mind:

  • Our primary goal is to become a more prominent blog site. With our current output and resources available to us, we are primed for that, but we lack staff to handle various parts of what needs to get done.

It is very important for potential writers to know that the eventual goal of the website is to become one of the larger geek and media blog sites. This means that a growing amount of the content will be assignment-based. The assignments will be cool, fun and interesting, giving writers access they might not otherwise have on their own. We know that on a lot of growing blog sites, there is an idea that you can write what you want. That is true to a certain extent, but we are trying to rise above that, which will require assignment-based writing. Easily half of the writing will be assignments. That said, we will do our best to match assignments to writers’ interests. The other half can be things each writer chooses. In fact, everyone who is brought in will be matched with their interests, meaning that while articles may be assigned, the least, if any, of them will be outside the writer’s interests, training, background and skillsets.

The primary exception to this is at conventions. We will absolutely not monopolize the writers’ time at conventions, and we will make every effort to match interests to panels and interviews, but if the writers enter a convention with a badge gotten under the banner of The Geek Girl Project, we will expect them to complete relevant assignments. Again, it will be great fun, and people will likely gain access with our press badge or contacts they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Goals for The Geek Girl Project:

When we started, there was no real higher-tier large site like Comic Book Resources or /Film that was made to keep in mind the very quickly growing amount of women in geek culture. The Geek Girl Project’s goal is to become a top-tier website and operate more like an online magazine and less like a blog site.

To be a social connecting point for geek girls. The eventual goal is to become part mixer, part hangout, part connecting point, but all about a place to forge friendships with other geek girls near you as well as across the country. For example, we did our first event last year at SDCC. The mixer had more than 250 people in attendance, and more than $750 of donated prizes were given away. We consider it a good start and proof that there is interest. We’ve also had some well-attended panels at smaller east-coast cons.

“By, for and about geek girls” is our slogan. Geeks are generally misrepresented in large media to begin with. IF a female geek is even shown, she is usually not a good representation of the geek girl. The Geek Girl Project aims to do all it can to show the world what geek girls are really like.

Later stages of the overall plan for The Geek Girl Project is to move beyond the website and use the website as a central nexus for a variety of activities and TV shows. To support all the other endeavors, we have to start with a solid, robust, excellent blogging website.


The website is called The Geek Girl Project, but we by no means are going to turn down men. While we look to maintain as many possible female staff to stay true to the female angle of the website, we would welcome interested men.

The positions (categories):

Administration/Social Media/Coordination: Cat-herding and making sure things get done. Some editorial. Getting the word out across various platforms.

Website design and maintenance: Updating and maintenance of the site. Not a writing position.

Writing: The backbone of the website. Writing will range from news and reviews to interviews and editorials.

Graphic Design, Film / Video, Photography and Illustration: All of these are multimedia talents that will help make this website something extra special and allow the website to not only move into multi-media formats, but also be able to expand the brand into everything from YouTube to Pinterest.

(Coming soon!) Please see individual pages for the different categories open to write for.

Thank you and we look forward to having you as part of this community!


Jonelle & Topher Davila

Please send all inquiries to:

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


Join The Geek Girl Project

Writers and award-winning cosplayers Dez and Rebecca having fun at Sci-Fi Valley Con 2014.