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Instant writer: Just add chocolate
credit: Jonelle Davila

Want to write for The Geek Girl Project?


While all the positions are important, we cannot have enough writers. We have more contacts, events, people and any other form of coverage or writing opportunity than we can handle with our current staff. Between reviews, news and interviews, there’s always room for more writers.

Right now we currently need more writers to begin to become the kind of top tier website what we plan on growing too. Also, holding another position does not keep someone from writing if they want to. Base responsibilities include:

  • Be able to produce articles at least 500 words in length. Not that every piece has to be that long, but many will be.
  • Writers will prove themselves with reviews and news assignments. Then, they will move up to a mix of projects that they want to follow and higher-profile interviews with the website’s new and established contacts. More difficult or tedious work such as obituaries and press releases will ideally be shared among the writers, so as not to overwhelm any one person.
  • Must be willing to review a variety of genres. Again, while we will do our best to match up with each writer’s interests, a large portion of the work will be assignment based.
  • A writer’s responsibilities are very flexible. Our goal is to have writers who are able to do one assignment per week, but it’s not a requirement. It’s ultimately between them and the managing editor. That said, the more one posts, the more we can do for them. Prolific writers will be the first to get press passes, free items to review (that they get to keep) and access to various events and so on.
  • Writers can and should interact with their readers on the site. This means when a comment to one of your posts is submitted (and it’s not spam), you should approve the comment and usually write some kind of response.

Writers’ Topics:

This is where the articles may technically be assignments, but the topics are, in the first place, matched to a person’s interests. We need people who are slotted to write about specific topics, such as reviewing every issue of a comic or a TV show’s episode every week. The following list is just an example of topics that are keywords we want associated with our site, to drive SEO and traffic.

  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars
  • BBC America
  • X-Men
  • Tech
  • Gaming/Video Gaming
  • Animation
  • Comic books/history of comic books/illustration
  • Movies/TV (focusing on, but not limited to, sci-fi, action, fantasy, animation, and other geek genres)
  • Costuming/cosplay

It cannot be overstated that the end goal of the writing content is to become more like an online magazine than a review site. This means that while our current topics involve reviews and similar blog topics that we currently cover, with enough writing staff we hope to grow to with these job positions into another level of writing topics including essays.

The website has very good contacts in the comic and animation fields. If someone wants to have interviews or other contacts, those two topics present the most opportunity for real interviews and reporting. That said, we’re building contacts in a variety of areas and are open to other topics.

Thank you for your interest in this position and The Geek Girl Project in general. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you on this cause to promote Geek Girls!


Jonelle & Topher Davila

Please send all inquiries to the following email address. Include a summary of your experience and interests as well as a 500-word writing sample:

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